What a year we have had in 2020 who would have ever thought it would have been the way it has been. However, this has not stropped us from serving our local communities in a way that has blown us all away. Check it out below.



What a great start to the summer we have had this quarter. The team at our fashionable little op shop have had a tremendous quarter with much fun to be had within the team. The annual fashion show was a great hit and even had the glitz and glamour of Elvis showing up with his security detail in tow. A huge thank you to the shop team for making this a great success.

Needs: There is a growing need for more volunteers in the shop, if you feel that you would like to serve the local community then why not pop into the shop for a chat to with the friendly staff and volunteers about joining the team.

Keeping it Local: the story of our little op shop is one that is second to none. 100% of the funds remain with in the local community through the following:

1) Staffing and empowering locals

2) Hardship grants: Shop ‘n Taieri recognises that sometimes people and families can find themselves in difficult financial situations. Each year Shop ‘n Taieri commits funds to provide financial relief when no other source of funding is available for residents of the Taieri and Mosgiel areas. These grants are up to a maximum of $100 per request.

Applications for Shop ‘n Taieri Hardship Grants will only be received from a person of a recognised community organisation who is independent of the applicant and has accurate knowledge of the applicant’s need. Grants are provided for specific needs related to health and well-being. Examples of requests may be for medical costs beyond what is provided in the public system, transportation costs to make medical appointments in the city of Dunedin, utility or maintenance costs due to unforeseen circumstances, or any other emergency situation that may arise from time-to-time where a person or family is deemed to be in hardship.

Shop ‘n Taieri reserves the right to approve or decline requests at their discretion and all Shop ‘n Taieri Hardship Grants will be paid directly to the provider’s bank account.

3) Community support: This quarter we proudly gave money to the Youth East Taieri, ICONZ (formerly known as Boys' Brigade) in Mosgiel, and the Mosgiel Community Garden overseen by Mosgiel North Taieri Presbyterian Church.



Who says leadership has to be boring? This quarter we ran our youth leadership programme “Ground Zero”. Ground Zero is a free (funded) youth programme which runs for 8 weeks during school terms two and four. Ground Zero focuses on leadership, responsibility, respect and team building, as well as developing confidence, self-esteem, leadership qualities and many other essentials life skills. Each intake of 20 students ends with a camp which is always a highlight.
This term we had lower numbers than usual (due to residual effect of Covid-19) with 11 students participating in Ground Zero. The Camp was awesome and everyone had fun with some events being cancelled due to the weather.
Good news story: One of our programme participants was enjoying camp. In conversation with us they mentioned that they hadn’t even thought about their cell phone until they saw me with mine. This got them thinking and they said that they were surprised at how much they are noticing without the distraction of their phone - they enjoyed engaging with people and life more!
How can you help: Adult leaders, if you are keen to see the future generation become competent and confident leaders the this is the place for you. Why not get in touch with the friendly team at SHFT (contact details at the bottom of this news letter) and join the team.

Carnival feel.jpg


Community matters to us here at the Saddle Hill Foundation. Through our community worker we are developing an integrated model of community led initiatives which brings our community together. We believe that we are stronger together and an example of this is the Mosgiel Resource Group which sees most community agencies coming together to share events and knowledge with each other for benefit of the community.
Good news story: Our greatest success this quarter, and this year would have to be our community carnival held on the 30th of October. The heart behind this, and our (SHFT) point of difference, is that it was 100% free, everything from entry to the event to fizzy drink, to gourmet hamburgers (50% vegetable patties.. getting the goodness into the kids can be tricky sometimes). We served over 52kg’s of hot chips over 300 hamburgers and over 300 hotdogs to our community of which over 500 people and 51 volunteers turned up on the day.
When asked by the Star newspaper reporter “why are you doing this” our executive officer Andy Doncaster responded “because we love our community”. Truer words cannot be spoken, SHFT loves our local community and we are an active part of it through our community worker Renee Faithful.
How can you help: We desire to continue reaching out into our community to fill the gaps and build stronger relationships and partnerships in our community. If you know of a need or an opportunity then we want to know about it and help. Get in touch using the info at the bottom of this newsletter.



The Saddle Hill Foundation Trust sees the value in investing into the future generations of our community. We do this thorough three vitally important programmes:
1) Dynamyte: A weekly programme for year 7-8 during the school term on Friday nights 7.00-9.00pm at ‘The Hub’. It is a place which assists in building positive attitudes and enhancing values and friendships. Some highlights include various wide games, ice-cream sundae night, Tunnel Beach, McDonald’s runs and car rally and much more!
2)  R@ndom: A weekly youth programme for students in years 9-13 held during the school term on Friday nights 7.00-9.00pm. R@NDOM is an exciting, sometimes thrilling, social environment which builds friendships, enhances values and develops life skills. Whether based at ‘The Hub’ or in the wider Dunedin area, R@NDOM provides youth a place to belong. Some (of our many) highlights have included a formal dinner, car rally, beach nights, crazy food challenge nights, mad pizza nights and much more!